Buy Residential Flats in Bangalore

It is always better to buy properties on the outskirts of Old Madras Road of Bangalore as a value purchase due to their potential for the industrial growth. Residential catchments are always nearer at such locations with mid-range apartments being on a continuous rise. This apartment culture is slowly catching trend with seamless metro connectivity and the Outer Ring Road project resulting into its added value

Before this, we must know that Bangalore is counted among those main cities that encourage the modern retail business. With a substantial population of the strong middle income group, the area has good number of intellectuals from the knowledge industry who are ready to splurge on their aspirations. The best part is that they belong to a city where population is spreading to newer suburbs put up with world-class standards in structured societies.

Infrastructural Development to Augment Living Standards

Then, further development in infrastructure augmented the living standards of the closely knit population who were grouped together for convenience. Another point we must not miss out upon is that outskirts prove to be best options for the property investments. It is because they mostly serve as locations where industries are set up to mark the beginning of a never ending success following a progressive approach.

Wherever an industrial hub is located, other infrastructure options, such as retail spaces, housing complexes, multi-equipped hospitals and world-class malls are bound to rise in the vicinity. Therefore, a realty boom is resulted and great residential neighbourhoods can be expected in the adjoining areas of Old Madras Road touching upon fascinating aspects of its history. A place bustling with trade, this location has been a key point in promoting business towards the Madras city.

Trade in Every Corner of Once a Village - KR Puram

Recounting a 150-year old history, we can remember the weekly market meetings held across the land in KR Puram that was once a lively village. In the newer version, a spirit of entrepreneurship and trade can be found in every corner of the stretch passing through the Old Madras Road. It enjoys proximity with the IT corridor that covers the entire landscape of Bangalore city and the nearby areas. It is mainly home to the global multinational companies who have set up their bases around KR Puram. The rising interest of buyers saw a spurt in growth of the realty market as it served both the luxury and affordable living. Thereafter, growth of the IT business was propelled with the other supporting infrastructure of malls, metro lines and the residential hotspots like Whitefield and Indira Nagar. Another development in this area to be admired of was its direct connectivity with the cities of Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai to ensure success from all quarters.

Investing in the Properties of Old Madras Road

With a growth rate of 91 percent expected in the current times, who would not wish to invest in the properties spread across the six-lane wide Old Madras Road? It also connects with a lesser congested Cargo Road that ensures a smooth movement of traffic towards the Bangalore International Airport. The Old Madras Road is suitably located for the convenience of population residing near the places of bustling Indira Nagar as well as the central part of Bangalore. What compelled the area to write a success story was the renewed interest of the state government into Kolar Gold Fields (KGF). An ambitious plan has been announced recently to relocate about 20 lakh people from the state capital to this new city with assured opportunities of a livelihood. So, we can say that there is no home better than buying 3 BHK flats in Old Madras Road.